SwanDive #5: Grandparenting

My husband and I recently returned from a weeklong stay in Yellowstone National Park. When we weren’t looking at the awesome wonders of nature we were in the gift shops looking for gifts our grandson might like.

We did that despite the fact that his parents said, “Please don’t bring him anything. He doesn’t need one more thing.” But we are the grandparents and we have license not to pay attention to the parents so we traveled on and purchased more.

In this week’s Swan Dive, we talk about the joys of grandparenting and more importantly we talk about why we feel so deeply and differently about our grandchildren. With me is well-known Louisville resident and former First Lady Madeline Abramson who is also a new grandparent and Theresa Shannon who teaches a grandparenting class at Baptist Health.

Enjoy. Let me know about your grandparenting experience.

As promised in this Swan Dive Podcast our family’s favorite lullabies
by famous musicians and some not so famous people!
#1. St Judy’s Comet by Paul Simon
#2 Godspeed (Sweet Dreams) by Dixie Chicks
#3 Beautiful Boy by John Lennon
#4 By-Oh-Baby-By-Oh by generations of Swan Women sung to the tune of
Take The Name Of Jesus With You.

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