• SwanDive #5: Grandparenting

    My husband and I recently returned from a weeklong stay in Yellowstone National Park. When we weren’t looking at the awesome wonders of nature we were in the gift shops looking for gifts our grandson might like.

    We did that despite the fact that his parents said, “Please don’t bring him anything. He doesn’t need one more thing.” But we are the grandparents and we have license not to pay attention to the parents so we traveled on and purchased more.

    In this week’s Swan Dive, we talk about the joys of grandparenting and more importantly we talk about why we feel so deeply and differently about our grandchildren. With me is well-known Louisville resident and former First Lady Madeline Abramson who is also a new grandparent and Theresa Shannon who teaches a grandparenting class at Baptist Health.

    Enjoy. Let me know about your grandparenting experience.

    As promised in this Swan Dive Podcast our family’s favorite lullabies
    by famous musicians and some not so famous people!
    #1. St Judy’s Comet by Paul Simon
    #2 Godspeed (Sweet Dreams) by Dixie Chicks
    #3 Beautiful Boy by John Lennon
    #4 By-Oh-Baby-By-Oh by generations of Swan Women sung to the tune of
    Take The Name Of Jesus With You.

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  • Episode 4 Jordan Minton

    You know that song you just can’t get out of your head?  It’s the one with the catchy lyrics and the toe-tapping rhythm.  Today on Swan Dive, meet the young man from Louisville who is adding to the tunes you can’t forget. Just ask Keith Urban, the country music superstar, about the talented Jordan Minton.

    Urban just might point to his newest album “Graffiti U”.  Jordan is part of the writing team that added 2 songs to that latest effort.  Urban isn’t alone in recognizing Minton’s talent.  Several new names to country music as well as other established singers are picking up his work.  So how do you go from Louisville to Nashville and hit it big in just a few short years?   Jump into Swan Dive and you’ll meet the writer, learn about his journey and how he marries words and music to make a chart-topping hit.

    Jordan Minton, following his dreams and telling us how he did it.   It’s this week on Swan Dive.


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  • Episode 3 Barry Bernson

    So you say you want to be in pictures. It need not be an illusive dream. Right here in Louisville a man already known for his award-winning broadcasting skills is making it happen. Barry Bernson is a man of many talents. From Louisville to Chicago and back again, he has delighted television audiences with his prose and his keen listening skills that have helped him deliver memorable moments of people and places he’s found along the highways and backroads of several states. Bernson, as many of his friends call him, has also used his voice to interpret hundreds of books for the American Printing House for the Blind. Once you’ve heard Bernson’s voice you never forget it.

    Now, that voice, that man is gaining roles and respect in major motion pictures. This week on Swan Dive Barry Bernson’s next chapter and the star studded film he can be seen in next.

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  • Episode 2 – Turnkey Design

    Kelli Lorenzen and Marcy Cassady of Turn-key Design

    On Swan Dive women making their dream jobs a reality.

    Turn-Key Design is turning rundown, neglected homes into bright, cozy spaces that Louisvillians love to call home. How they rescue, renovate and remain friends.

    Swan Dive is a podcast that seeks out and finds people making their dreams come true. It’s something we all think about but few, if any of us, ever really take the plunge. Today on Swan Dive, 2 women making their dream jobs a reality. Turn-Key Design transforms rundown, neglected homes into bright, cozy spaces that Louisvillians love to call home. House flipping has become something attempted by many but made truly successful by just a few. The owners of Turn-Key Design could not be more different in backgrounds, personalities and approach. But they found their success by relying on each other’s strengths and realizing their own weaknesses when it comes to the intricacies of turning trash to treasure. Even though frustrating at times, they have found their vision for what others might judge as a task too big to take on.

    On Swan Dive, what they do to turn houses into light-filled spaces that speak to themselves and to buyers. It’s not always easy but it’s always fulfilling and financially rewarding enough to tackle the next project. They even have tips on how you can enhance the look of your home.

    Swan Dive doesn’t stop there. One of our home renovators pays tribute to Doris Day not knowing that a woman she admired so much would soon pass away. Enjoy this edition of Swan Dive. How the owners of Turn-Key Design rescue, renovate and remain friends.

    We always enjoy your feedback. Please, let us know what you think and tell us about other people making their dreams come true. Swan Dive is a division of Swan Communications. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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  • Episode 1 – Jessica Rublein

    Episode 1 May 8 2019
    Jessica Rublein

    This week on Swan Dive meet Jessica Rublein. The young Louisville native, the daughter of two well-known journalists was bound to be a communicator. But, Jessica uses her art and just a few sharp, witty words to convey the perfect message on greeting cards. Learn how she decided to take the plunge and hit it big in the greeting card industry. Hear Swan Dive on your podcast app. View Jessica’s Website at http://wild-card-creations.com

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